About Jules sturm

Photograph: Eduard Lampe

Photograph: Eduard Lampe

Jules Sturm is an independent scholar based in Amsterdam (NL) and Biel (CH).

Jules has studied philosophy and women's studies at Unversität Wien/Austria (1997-2004), philosophy of literature, critical medical anthropology and queer studies at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (2001-2002), and Cultural Analysis at the University of Amsterdam (2004-2011). In 2012, Jules received his Ph.D. from the University of Amsterdam.

At present, Jules is lecturing at Sandberg Instituut, Amsterdam on Theories of the Body and Critical Epistemologies. As a guest researcher, Jules is conducting research at the Sandberg Instituut on Alternative Knowledge Productions.

The purpose of Jules's current research is to "de-script" (ent-schreiben) bodies rather than to describe them (beschreiben), to disentangle them from normatively descriptive images, and to complicate simplified visions of our bodies. The goal is to lead us away from a consistently negative attitude to non-normative embodiment.
His research interests include critical theories on the body in art and culture: critiques of normative corporeality; queer bodies and abilities; embodied identities; artistic reflections of the disturbing body; body images; critical aesthetics.

Jules aims to teach critical thinking and develop alternative inter- and undisciplinary theories.



2017 - ongoing
Sandberg Institute (Rietveld Academie)
Critical Studies

2016 - ongoing
NICA (Netherlands Institute for Cultural Analysis)
Cultural Analysis of Disability

Certificate for Teaching in Higher Education

"BKO: BasisKwalificatie onderwijs"

2010 – 2017
Cultural Analysis

Concepts for Cultural Analysis (rM.A.)
Intercultural Dialogues: Embodied Discourses (M.A.)
Gender, Bodies, and the Posthuman (M.A.)
Tutorial: Critical Embodiment (rM.A.)

2012 – 2017
Comparative Literature
Politics of the Contemporary: Literary Ecologies (M.A.)
Narrative and Globalization (M.A.)
Sleutelbegrippen Literatuurwetenschap / Key Concepts (B.A.)
Wetenschapsfilosofie Literatuurwetenschap / Philosophy of Science (B.A.)
CulturalAnalysis: Case Studies(B.A.)

International Collaboration

Amsterdam Research Institute of the Arts and Siences (ARIAS nl)
Jeroen Boomgaard, University of Amsterdam & Rietveld Academie

Research Collaboration on "Digital Media Stereotypes of Minorities"
Dr. Rob Cover, University of Western Australia

Matariki Risk Humanities Network
Dr. Mark Botha, Durham University/UK

Disabillity Studies in the Netherlands (DSiN)
Prof. Geert van Hove, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Special Guests - Unlimited van Abbe
Van Abbemuseu, Eindhoven ( Daniel Neugebauer, Marleen Hartjes)

The Northern Network for Medical Humanities Research (NNMHR)
Wellcome Trust, UK


2013 - now
ASCA/NICA Soirées(Netherlands Institute for Cultural Analysis
"Rudimentary Bodies and Queer Abilities"

since 2010
Coordination of ASCA Research Group

"Bodies Gender Sexualities"

Masterclass with Prof. Judith Halberstam, UvA, Amsterdam

ASCA International Workshop: "Engaging Objects", Amsterdam

1999 - 2002
ASCA Soirées "What's Queer Here?", Amsterdam


2012 - 2017
M.A. Coordination

Cultural Analysis, Comparative Literature & Comparative Cultural Analysis

Member of MA Selection Committee
for 3 programs; student correspondence; structural planning

1999 - 2002
Member of Selection Committee
for Assistant Professor vacancy

1996 - 2000
ÖH Universität Wien

Vorsitz der Kommission der Fakultätsvertretung
Studienvertretung Philosophie
Studienberatung Philosophie und HuS, GRUWI

Performing Arts 

La Biennale di Venezia
/Dance,  Venice
Symposium "Body Attack" (artistic director: Ismael Ivo)
Concept - Conceptual and logistic Planning

Haus der Kulturen der Welt
, Berlin
"Olhos d'Aqua - Black Atlantic Projekt" (artistic director: Ismael Ivo)
Stageorganization and Lightcoordinator

2004 - now
Company Mafalda,
Zürich (Teresa Rotemberg)
Lightcoordinator and Lights
"Presque rien" "DOS AMIGOS Y UNO MAS" "Transformation"

Thailand Cultural Center, Bangkok
"The Tempest" for Peace Foundation
(artistic director: Ismael Ivo and Marcia Haydée)
Interview "The Tempest" Bangkok

2002 - 2006
, Zürich
Swiss International Coaching Project for Young Choreographers
Lightcoordinator and Lights
Ismael Ivo, Carolyn Carlson, Mauricio Wainrot, Nigel Charnock

2002 - 2003
Festival Danza "Solomen"
, La Biennale die Venezia
"Mapplethorpe" (artistic director: Ismael Ivo)
Lights and Tour Assistance


German   - native speaker
English   - highly proficient in spoken and written English
Dutch     - good working knowlegde
French    - basic communication skills